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Office Worker

Managed Information Technology Services

Integrity Consulting

Founded in 2007 and grew to $2.2m in annual revenue. Sold/Merged with to become a national IT service provider that is now doing over $54m in annual revenue.



Journey Church

Founded 2007 and is now a large regional church with global impact located in Jacksonville, FL. They pride themselves on ministering to the lost and hurting while building disciples. Over the years they have helped support numerous non-profits that help orphans, widows, the homeless, people in institutions, as well as the unborn locally, nationally, and globally. 

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Mercy Support Services

Mercy Support Services serves the people of Clay County, Florida who are circumstantially in need by providing services that guide them to self-sufficiency. Foundation Stone was there from the beginning coaching the founders and bringing awareness to their cause. Most recently assisting them with a $1.1m acquisition of their new facility located on College Drive in Orange Park. We are part of the planning for their continued expansion in using a fully self supporting model to build 48 affordable housing units combined with 24 emergency housing apartments. 


Fitness/Self Defense

The Smiley Academy

Foundation Stone was there from the beginning as they opened their doors. We were honored to assist them with start up capital and coaching. They have now grown to be one of the premier Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts training facilities in the greater Jacksonville region with a membership of over 300 students. 



Fitness/Self Defense

Threat Assessment

Foundation Stone assisted them with the establishment of their corporate documents, initial strategic plan, building as well as the building of their web presence. In their first two years of operations they have gone on to serve hundreds of students in getting their concealed carry permits as well as getting additional self-defense training. 

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